Vittoria Innovation Labs

How can we transform a building into a bikeable workplace that amplifies innovation and wellbeing?

Winner of an invited competition, the Innovation Labs project for Vittoria Spa, a leading global company in the production of bike tires, responds to the company’s ambitious vision to create an innovative environment that brings together employees, cycling companies, and sport professionals under one roof. The project turns the current warehouse of Vittoria HQ into a 3,000 sqm knowledge hub dedicated to production, testing, research, and enjoyment. The strategic internal reconfiguration and the restyling of the exterior facade give shape to flexible and bright spaces that focus on mental and physical wellbeing. By adding an iconic ramp that connects the Bike Park to the lab and office spaces inside, the new building will help improve the product testing process and create a unique experience for both employees and clients.

An attractive workplace for “Vittorians” and sport professionals designed to foster bike tires innovation, wellbeing and collaboration.

Typology: Workplace
Location: Brembate (BG), Italy
Year: 2022 – 2023
Building footprint: 3,000 sqm
Client: Vittoria Spa
Status: Proposal – 1st place invited competition
Architects: Oblyk Studio
Consultants: Tempu Studio
Structures: Chiappa Ingegneri Associati
Mechanical systems: Europroject
Electrical systems: EMS Engineering

Vittoria Innovation Labs best expresses Oblyk’s approach to adapt and reuse an existing building to enhance user experience, creating continuity and consistency between the environments of production, testing, research, and enjoyment, held together by the strong company identity. Vittoria Labs are developed to host a best-in-class innovation center for bike tires development and technology transfer. The spaces are reimagined to encourage a spirit of co-creation and positive collaboration, balancing dynamic activities and focused work needs while promoting mental and physical wellbeing of employees. With the objective of connecting the Vittoria Labs with the new Bike Park, the project features an iconic ramp that cuts through the building. The ramp is the stronger architectural element of the new facade. On the one hand, it turns into a visual and symbolic expression of Vittoria’s identity. On the other, it creates a strong connection between the Labs and the Bike Park for a fluid and seamless testing experience.




Cutting-edge architecture and an iconic ramp to communicate Vittoria’s vision and identity

Framed by the Bike Park, the internal configuration and the new architectural elements will make employees and visitors feel immersed in the Vittoria world from production to testing, inside and outside the building. The new internal layout embraces the openness of environments and fosters social interaction, combining high-tech spaces and nature-filled environments, leveraging biophilic design and activity-oriented spaces. The project merges the “on-road” with the “off-road” character of Vittoria and is the expression of its innovative ethos, built on a sustainable vision and a people-centered approach.

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