UniPg Campus Library

In today’s highly dynamic, unstable, globalised culture, universities that are fully integrated into the life of cities provide an opportunity to combine the rapid and inevitably destabilizing evolution of knowledge with enduring social, cultural and civic values. In that sense, the objective of this project is to enrich academic life with urban life, but at the same time protect and reinforce the University of Perugia’s established image. Unipg Compass is an innovative campus for the University of Perugia as a knowledge hotspot: a driving force in the city. 

Through a multidisciplinary approach, this project promotes the emergence of innovative physical and digital environments at the intersection of knowledge networks.

Typology: Culture, Education
Location: Perugia, Italy
Year: 2016 – 2017
GFA: 3,400 sqm
Client: University of Perugia
Status: Proposal
Architects: Stefano Andreani, Fabio Bianconi
Visualization: Mirko Billi



The architectural composition gives shape to a complex harmonic system through porous building morphologies, at the same time protecting the heart of the campus: the yard. By organizing transparency and constructing a connecting network between the site, its programmatic elements and its users, interaction then emerges. In the design of the new main library, the intention is to create the necessary ambience to provide both formal and informal learning spaces, as layered transactional settings that foster dynamic learning environments able to meet current and future needs.

The new designs create a maximum of flexibility and longevity within a structured and clear system where the variety of functions is integrated in a symbiotic and efficient way, thus opening up for engagement and exchange.


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