Suzhou CBD Towers

Suzhou Taihu new town is located in the south of Wuzhong, a district that is becoming one of the most important areas in the Suzhou city strategic development. The project is situated in the core area of the city, facing the Taihu Lake, with the aim to play a significant role in the urban image as a gate of the city. At the same time, the objective is to create a positive conversation with the buildings on other bank of the new town (Wujiang part).

The site is adjacent to the East Taihu Road, one of the main roads, and the Suzhou Bay. The project creates an integrated architecture complex made of four towers with apartments, hotels, commercial and business spaces, office, and underground retail and parking lots.

Typology: Retail, Workplace, Hospitality
Location: Guangzhou, China
Year: 2013
Site area: 86,000 sqm
Client: Confidential
Status: Invited competition
Architects: RBA Ruggero Baldasso Architects
Parametric design and structures: Stefano Andreani


A three-dimensionally rotated “cube” breaks the formal composition of the towers, hosting a shopping center and creating a vibrant plaza underneath surrounded by trees and a stretch of water.



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