Spaceland Center

As part of a 400,000 sqm entertainment park near Venice, Spaceland Center is a 40m tall building hosting a number of activities related to the subject matter of “space” including a training center for space tourism, laboratories for space research, and recreational activities for the space concept’s diffusion.

A complex intersection of planes gives form to a permeable and light cube for space research and entertainment.

The space center is conceived as a 30x30x30 m “cube”, elevated from the ground of 8 m. This transparent and light structure takes shape from the intersection of differently-oriented planes in space. The configuration of these planes is indeed what defines the varying-geometry spaces of the building. In order to translate the architectural vision, a technologically-advanced and yet cost-effective structural solution has been parametrically designed and prototyped. The complex system combines standard steel space trusses with custom-made joints where at the planes intersections.

Typology: Cultural, Hospitality
Location: Lido di Jesolo, Venice, Italy
Year: 2012
GFA: 5,400 sqm
Client: Confidential
Status: Schematic design
Architects: RBA – Ruggero Baldasso Architects
Parametric design and structures: Stefano Andreani


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