Olivetti Visions Exhibition

“Olivetti Visions” is a design research initiative that aims at leveraging the cultural, social and architectural legacy of Adriano Olivetti to create novel visions and strategies for the future of the “Ivrea Industrial City of the 20th Century” UNESCO site. This exhibition presents the design concepts of thirty-four international students developed during a design workshop held between July and August 2020 and coordinated by Allen Sayegh e Stefano Andreani.

Offering a rediscovery as well as a multidisciplinary reinterpretation of projects, buildings, and design products emblematic of Olivetti’s cultural and social heritage, the design concepts celebrate its spirit and groundbreaking historical significance.

The exhibition takes place in an iconic building at the heart of the UNESCO site: the former Social Services Centre, designed by Luigi Figini and Gino Pollini between 1955 and 1959. As part of the 2020 Festival of Architecture and promoted by MiBact, “Olivetti Visions” is the first initiative launched by the Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute within the spaces of the right wing of the former Social Services Centre. The exhibition is part of a larger project that aims at the creation of a future vision for the territory of Ivrea and Canavese, which harks back to Adriano Olivetti’s cultural, social and architectural legacy.

Location: Ivrea, Italy
Year: 2020
Typology: Exhibition, Research
Client: Stefano Zordan/Olivetti Leadership Institute
Status: Realized
Exhibition curators: Stefano Andreani, Allen Sayegh, Giulia Vandelli
Exhibition architects: Alessandro Gatti, Carolina Gismondi
Photographs: Luca Casonato

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