Kilometro Rosso Portals

Kilometro Rosso is a place for meeting and exchanging ideas, research and entrepreneurial activities that generate innovation, bringing together talents, skills and new technologies to create a virtuous ecosystem. The red line along the highway that identifies the campus is a “permeable skin” that exudes this spirit of shared innovation. The large portals that scan the rhythm of the front amplify, both metaphorically and in an expressive way, the opening of Kilometro Rosso to the territory and at the same time offer a dynamic and tangible interface to the millions of people who every year cast their gaze on the wall by walking the A4 — attracted to this strong line, but also curious to see what happens beyond.

Through a process of abstraction and simulation of space from the scale of the micro to the macro, the new portals of Kilometro Rosso are transformed into “meta-places” that reveal and suggest some of the core themes, principles and activities of the campus.

Typology: Workplace
Location: Bergamo, Italy
Year: 2021
Site length: 1,000 m
Client: Kilometro Rosso Spa
Status: Completed
Architects: Oblyk Studio


If the first of these fictitious spaces is an invitation to “co-innovate”, the second is instead an expression of the concept of sustainability — emphasizing attention to the environment and the use of renewable energy. Continuing west, we then encounter the portal dedicated to research and science, followed by the space focused on the experience and sense of community that characterizes the lives of the people who work on campus. The fifth space refers to the idea of ​​human-machine interaction and the use of new technologies, such as robotics and virtual reality.

The last portal breaks the perspective barriers of the three-dimensional meta-space and projects us towards the future, immersed in a city between the real and the digital – made up of big-data exchanges and augmented by artificial intelligence.

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