Gateway Tower

Situated in the district of Dongguan, this super-tall building is an opportunity to change the face of a typical Chinese industrial neighbourhood. Hosting exhibition spaces, a university “campus”, offices, a hotel, and sport facilities. The project is conceived as composed of two connected towers: the main skyscraper rising vertically and tapering up till reaching 520 m, whereas the second building being relatively smaller (100 m) and rising dramatically inclined till connecting with its counterpart. With this gesture, a generous public space is formed around the building’ footprints.

 The architectural intention is to transform the area into a contemporary mixed-use district, with the skyscraper acting as a gate to enter industrial buildings as well as enjoyable public places.

Typology: Office, Commercial, Hospitality
Location: Dongguan, China
Year: 2012
Site area: 15,500 sqm
Client: Confidential
Status: Schematic design
Architects: RBA – Ruggero Baldasso Architects
Parametric design and structures: Stefano Andreani

The building employs two different and yet well integrated structural systems: the main tower is supported by an outriggers+supercolumns system, whereas the smaller building is conceived with the principle of the diagrid. The two structures are rigidly connected at the top of the lower tower, creating a hybrid and particularly stiff structural system. In the design process, architectural intentions and structural opportunities thus converged.

The building activities are organized around the “hyperspace” − dynamic spaces, up to 10 floors high, that take advantage of the designed structural solutions.

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