Cosmetics HQ

This project leverages on principles of human well-being and biophilic design to create a new headquarter for an international cosmetics company specialized in organic and nature-based products. Designed to accommodate offices, laboratories, and production spaces, the building combines efficiency and flexibility to allow employees to collaborate in stimulating environemnts. The new building is characterized by a glass façade that ensures high-quality workspaces that will be filled with natural light.

The design approach focuses on human well-being and on the fundamental symbiosis with nature, finding its formal expression in the “greenhouse”–an iconic full-eight space that lets visitors be inspired by the natural world. The greenhouse plays a crucial role in communicating company values and facilitates the adoption of sustainable practices. It is also a place where organic and natural materials meet high-tech spaces and forms. The greenhouse is designed to host hydroponic agriculture, ensuring a strong reduction of water, land and chemical usage for plant cultivation. The building culminates with a large rooftop garden of olive trees that recalls the strong connection between the company and nature, even more so in an historic and unique place like Assisi–in the center of Italy.

The project shows the potential of biophilic design and flexible spaces in promoting new ways of working and employee well-being.

Typology: Workplace
Location: Assisi, Italy
Year: 2023-
Building footprint: 2,500 sqm
Client: Confidential
Status: In progress
Architects: Oblyk Studio
Permitting: P3 Consulting

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